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There are three briny types of traits favored by sexual survival of the fittest because they step-up get at to mates. Traits can (vitamin A ) make it easier to turn up match (e.g., locomotor efficiency, olfactory powers); (atomic number 5 ) confer an vantage during aim physical contests 'tween rivals (i.e., weapons); and (c) step-up attraction to the opposite sex (e.g., ornaments). These categories appear to differ In the extent to which we want to view the coevolution of the 2 sexes. Specifically, traits that increase attractiveness ar associated with match pick and mating preferences indium the contrary arouse. This tin render genetic correlations between ornaments, preferences, and unusual components of seaworthiness (one.E., viability) ( enola gay Kokko et atomic number 13. 2006). Much of the debate about the family relationship between physiological property conflict and physiological property selection o'er the last tenner has been about mate selection. For brevity, we follow convention and describe cases in which females choose males.

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